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Why Food Trucks are the Best Option for your Upcoming Office Party!

Hiring a Food Truck for your next party is just the thing you need to make your next office party ‘memorable’. 

When it comes to organizing your event, may it be an office party, wedding, work function, Christmas party or anything else Event Food Truck Hire is your one stop shop. Considering Australia is such a multicultural country, we are able to cater for any event needs.  

If you are in charge of planning the party and you slip up, it can reflect in your next year’s performance appraisal. Just kidding! Let Event Food Truck Hire handle everything. 

Your office parties are the only formal gathering when you can put off your everyday work tags and embrace each other as friends and peers. Let us do all the work, so you can sit back and enjoy your party!

Finding great food on a budget is always a daunting task for any event. Deciding a menu that fits the budget and also seems fulfilling for your staff  for all is quite challenging. 

Thanks to our friendly staff, highly experienced chefs and amazing kitchen staff, Event Food Truck Hire is guaranteed to make your next event memorable and a success. Leaving this task to the professional is less time consuming since they use their experience to deliver the best food for you. How does this work? 

Step one – You give us a call or email. 

Step two – We provide a free consultation for your event and guide you step by step. Once you are happy with the chosen menu and venue we then lock in the catering for your event date.

Step three- The truck arrives and serves our delicious menu to your guests. 

Step four – Once everyone has been fed, we pack down, clean up and take all our rubbish with us. 

Event Food Truck Hire prides itself on providing amazing catering service for all kinds of events. We can help cater the perfect menu from a variety of selections/cuisines. Some of our amazing cuisines range from burgers, woodfire pizza, Greek, Thai food, BBQ, Indian, fish and chips, coffees, smoothies and much more.

We understand that sometimes keeping the guests entertained throughout the event becomes more difficult that it might seem. To keep things interesting, at Event Food Truck Hire, we also offer Dj and MC services. So you can add lots of entertainment activities to your event as well. 

The Event Food Truck Hire is all you need for your upcoming event- great food, service  entertainment. Just get in touch with us and we will do the rest.

To know more about our services contact Event Food Truck for Hire. Being the best Food Truck for Parties in Australia we thrive to make every event a great success. 

Since we all know that ‘time and tide wait for none’, make sure that you set everything in advance to avoid the last minute rush. 


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