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How to Book a Food Truck for Catering? Know Everything in Simple Steps!

Event food truck hire is gaining immense popularity these days since we offer great food trucks for catering service to people in Australia. 

However, we find much chaos and confusion among many people who are hosting a catering event for the first time. If you are a first-timer that needs a food truck for catering, this blog is just for you. 

No matter what kind of event you are hosting, hiring a food truck for your catering is always a great option. Irrespective of the nature of the event, the booking process for food trucks is quite the same.

To make things crystal clear and simple, just know that booking food trucks for catering can be done in 5 easy steps. 

  1. Calculate the number of guests attending your event- this is the first and foremost thing any food truck agency will ask you. So you must be prepared with an accurate answer for it. Usually, you will have an exact number of people attending the event, but to be on the safer side just have extra food ready for 4-5 people in case some unforeseen situation comes. 

  2. Select menu for the catering– this step is fun, choosing from the variety of food options. If you choose too many items, serving them on time will be challenging, but if you keep it simple, the service will be faster and your guests will leave you event full and happy.. You need to come up with a menu that goes with the event and also fits your budget. 

    For instance, for weddings and anniversary receptions you must have a somewhat appetizing menu (like gourmet food, fancy appetizers, cakes, etc) but for youth feasts, you should aim for refreshing food and beverages (like Mexican, burgers, fries, coffee, smoothies, etc).

  3. Book a food truck for catering – There are many food truck businesses available in Australia. You must get the one that offers the best service and quality at your given budget. Discuss with your food truck partner whether the package includes the cost of attendees, overtime and other external costs. etc. Most food trucks will have a minimum spend or a set fee in order to attend. 

    You should also ensure that your partner meets food truck guidelines. After the catering is wrapped up, have all the tissues, disposable plates, and glasses properly discarded without leaving any mess on the spot. Our food trucks take the rubbish with them.

    Make Event Food Truck Hire your partner for experiencing the best service at a reasonable price. 

  4. Determine how many food trucks you will need- This is a common mistake that many people make while getting a food truck for catering. 

    A larger crowd and only one food truck will make its management more difficult. Attendees will need more time to take orders and prepare the food for them. A longer wait is bound to make many people a little agitated. Most trucks have a 3 hour service window. However, this can be negotiated to suit the client.

    For example, if more than 500 people are attending your event, you should try to get at least 2 to 3 food trucks (from the same agency) instead of just one. That way you will have more variety and a faster service.

  5. Station the food truck in the right location- you must finalize a couple of spots for the food truck to station in advance. This is a very crucial step for you to ensure that your guests can freely get to the food trucks. Also, making sure it is in a safe location with no passing cars in danger of pedestrians. 

    The food truck must be stationed in such a way it offers easy access to the guests. Simultaneously it should not block the entrance or exit points of the location. As you can see for yourself booking a food truck for catering is no big deal if you have the basic idea and the right catering partner. To book your best food truck for catering in Australia, rely on the service of Event Food Truck Hire

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